This EasyCorpus English language portal has almost 25 years of history. I, as the Founder, started off as a second language learner of English in Malaysia, learning English as a second language in my primary and secondary education. I developed a passion to learn words in English, somewhere in 1986, when I heard a school mate of mine using some interesting words and phrases in his spoken and written English.


I told myself that "I want to be just like him one day" . It was an amazing phenomenon listening to him -  he could use words effortlessly to communicate his ideas clearly even when at school. Hence, I went on a journey, determined to master English and wanted to be the best of the best in English - to become world-class!


Now, together with our small team, we have created EASYCORPUS to enable you to follow my strategy and master English for yourself. I am happy to be a coach or mentor along the way. So, jump on board and we will take you to your English language destination - which is mastery of the language!