The Easycorpus Vision 

“The only way to learn and master English is to enjoy what you learn.” is designed to provide an online English language learning portal for registered users to improve and ultimately master their English language and communication skills.

This is achieved by learning words and phrases in context from real-world topics and stories. This experience is also shared interactively or collaboratively with members from all over the world. Therefore, this is called the 'EasyCorpus 3-Step Method' to language learning.

EasyCorpus' vision is to be a world-class online language provider. Our goal is to facilitate language learners to communicate using precise 'choice of words' when conveying thoughts or ideas. This will bring clarity to their communication. The goal for the individual learner is to ultimately become a world-class communicator using the EasyCorpus method.

“Collect and learn words and phrases as a daily habit”

Founder's message

A corpus by definition is a collection of written or spoken words. At EasyCorpus, we have made it 'easy' for you to collect, learn, share, and use the words with friends from all over the world to improve your vocabulary. Therefore, this is the first English language portal in the world with a unique approach to vocabulary learning.


Teaching vocabulary is important because there is a huge communicative advantage in developing an extensive vocabulary for individuals. David Wilkins, a linguist, noted that "without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed."

The focus of EasyCorpus is on interactive as well as collaborative learning. Additionally, the EasyCorpus method will teach you how to be a 'language detective' (Tim Johns). This means you will begin to notice, analyse and learn how the words in the English Language behave in actual spoken or written context to express meaning in communication. You will also be able to learn vocabulary at your own pace as well as discuss the definition, meaning and usage of the words in context with the global EasyCorpus community using various tools in this fun and exciting online learning platform. This way, you will ultimately learn how to use the words and phrases effectively in any given context and become an articulate, knowledgeable and confident world-class communicator. EasyCorpus was thus created to facilitate vocabulary learning so that you will never be lost for words when communicating at any given moment. I would encourage you to read the FAQs to appreciate the compelling reasons for the creation of EasyCorpus.


To this end,  I hope you will appreciate the richness of the English language as you acquire word knowledge through EasyCorpus. The most important 'word knowledge' is knowing how words partner with one another (i.e. word partnership) to express meaning in communication. This is the central principle of the EasyCorpus approach and you will learn how to use precise choice of words and interesting phrases for fluency and communication.


Incidentally, the "creation of EasyCorpus and its potential as a tool to enhance vocabulary acquisition'' was the subject of my Master's dissertation at the University of Nottingham, UK and I hope to continue to research this area of study in my doctoral studies (PhD). On a personal note, the creation of EasyCorpus is the culmination of my passion for vocabulary, a subject which I have explored and consciously paid attention to for the past twenty five (25) years.


It is now an opportune time to share with you this 'intimate knowledge' of how words operate or behave in the real world. This intimate knowledge can be acquired by collecting a corpus of spoken and written words, which we will do together. This will contribute to the enhancement of your written, spoken, reading and listening skills subconsciously.


Therefore, congratulations! You are now on a journey to mastering vocabulary in the English language at your own pace and time with the global EasyCorpus community. Most importantly, you have made a decision to create your own future by joining the EasyCorpus community today! Indeed, you are one step closer to becoming the articulate, knowledgeable and confident world-class communicator that you aspire to be one day.


Emir Vishnu


“Without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed." - Linguist, David Wilkins