I used to collect words in a book and created my own vocabulary notebook. This was a traditional yet effective way to learn words in the past, which i started in 1986. Later in 2000, I started compiling words and phrases on an excel sheet. The vocabulary notebook became my daily reference material and helped me improve my English over time.

Even, John F. Kennedy, the former President of United States and a great speaker, collected interesting words and phrases as part of his daily habit.

Now, we have created (myself as the founder, my co-founder Ms Faradilla Anwar and our talented team) this online English learning portal called EasyCorpus, which can help you learn, save and collect your own words and share phrases online. This is a tool that can help you grow and build your knowledge of the English Language from Beginner to Advanced Mastery!

So, just like a tree, we will equip you with the roots, branch, leaves. You will then produce beautiful flowers and flourish in your English language growth. Enjoy the fruits of your labour (your hard work) in the future!