I followed my passion to learn English, and went on to do my Masters in English Language Teaching’ Dissertation with the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom and created a research paper on designing a corpus tool, which I called “easycorpus”.

The final comment from the late Dr Richard Pemberton, Masters Dissertation Supervisor/Marker 1You have done a commendable job of undertaking, implementing and evaluating a bold, complex and innovative project - and the result is a professional-looking website...You have put a huge creative effort into developing a truly innovative language-learning tool that I believe has great potential. Hats off to you.

The final comment from Dr Jane Evison, Masters Dissertation Supervisor/Marker 2: This dissertation is a record of what is clearly a considerable achievement in terms of online corpus website design... a testament to our enthusiasm for corpus linguistics and your ability to turn this into something practical. It is clear the corpus project itself is a considerable achievement and you should be commended on the design of EasyCorpus. 

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Education in this area. You can read this in the testimonial section at the bottom of the main page.

For your background knowledge, a corpus by definition is “a collection of written and spoken words” from any source. The source can be from newspapers, magazines, websites, TV, radio, etc. So, corpus is a branch of Corpus Linguistics in academia and central to teaching and learning of English.

Therefore, what I am doing is underpinned by best practices in research to teach and learn English. To this end, we are using the 'data driven learning' approach in EasyCorpus. From the data in the language, you can see patterns in language and how the vocabulary and grammar behave in actual written and spoken context. This EasyCorpus data driven learning approach will ultimately build your mental lexicon (i.e. how words are mapped in your brain), and  help you to become an effective and fluent communicator in the future.