DIY Corpus

Now, what I have done is, I built my own corpus! So, what you are using is my own Do-It-Yourself Corpus (DIY Corpus) and I have made it 'easy' for you to collect words and phrases to learn English. I have named it EasyCorpus. You can call it “MyCorpus” when you collect your own personalised collection of words. This will enable you to learn words and phrases to express your ideas in a clear and precise manner and you will ‘never be lost for words” when you want to communicate in English.

This is now my own English language learning tool which I am sharing with you now. So, I have evolved from collecting words with a traditional vocabulary notebook, excel sheet and to a collection of words online via

I am currently doing my PhD in Education, continuously  researching about contents in . A key idea from corpus linguistics is data driven learning and I am very passionate in this area. Hence, this is an approach or method that I am sharing with you. Exposure to data in the language and seeing the connections may potentially accelerate your English language learning. For example, if you take about 3 years to learn English, you can potentially master many aspects of the grammar and vocabulary in 1 year by constant exposure to words and phrases. You only need commitment as well as passion and desire to excel!

Regardless of where you are on the pathway - a school student, college or university student, an entrepreneur, working professional - executive, a manager or a leader of an organisation, EasyCorpus is a language tool for you to succeed in English mastery - you will constantly find a word or phrase to learn and use in your writing, speaking, listening and reading skills.