The Easycorpus Vision is designed to provide an online English language learning portal for registered users (i.e. members or Corpusians) to improve and ultimately master their English language and communication skills.

This is achieved by learning words and phrases in context from real-world topics and stories. This experience is also shared interactively or collaboratively with Corpusians from all over the world. Therefore, this is called the EasyCorpus method to language learning.

EasyCorpus' vision is to be a world-class online language provider. Our goal is to facilitate language learners to communicate using precise 'choice of words' when conveying thoughts or ideas. This will bring clarity to their communication. The goal for the individual learner is to ultimately become a world-class communicator using the EasyCorpus method.

The only way to learn good English is to love what you learn.
Founder's Message