Members will have access to all Basic and Enhanced membership features including the following:

  • FREE PERSONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE MENTOR - This service is limited to an hour per month of online mentoring/tutoring. Members will need to schedule their time by making an online appointment via skype, google hangout/webinar. [Coming Soon]
  • WORD SEARCH -Special word search function
  • GLOBAL COACH - Members will be given an option for a personal online English Language coaching. This service can be purchased as an Add-on service.[Coming Soon]
  • ACCESS to words collected under 'Business' and 'Corporate' Corpus.


Members will have access to all worksheets/exercises on English language learning to enhance their language proficiency.[Coming Soon]


Members will have access to 'My Corpus'. 'My Corpus' is a platform for members to collect words or phrases that interest them. This becomes their own personal 'mini EasyCorpus' collection. Also, you can submit any words to the 'EasyCorpus administration' if you would like to share your discovery of the words and phrases from your own reading or listening. The words you share will be published in the main home page in the "Shared Corpus' section.


Members will be able to share their collection of words using the various social media tools linked within such as Facebook, Twitters, Gmail etc.


Members can discuss or add their comments for each word entry under 'Discussion' section.

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